GMAT Problem Solving Questions with Answers – Test No. 5

Problem Solving Questions with Answers – Practice Test No. 1 for those who want to test their GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test skills. GMAT is a standardized test used for the evaluation of students seeking admission in BBA, MBA, and post-graduate studies in Pakistan or abroad. Management studies provide you with the skills, preparation, and credentials you need to accelerate your career growth. MBA is the most popular degree program in Pakistan. LUMS and IBA MBA programs are the most applied in Pakistan.

Each quiz question in this course is made up of proven interesting researched concepts that test your awareness and grasp of the subject. Detailed feedback for the quiz answers is provided too.


  • This Quiz is related to GMAT Problem Solving Questions with Answers – Practice Test No. 5 in this series
  • The Quiz based on the Topic, “GMAT Problem Solving Questions
  • If you have good understanding about the subject, then you can attempt it
  • There will be 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in this test
  • Questions will be randomly changed every time you start this test
  • You should practice more and more to get high marks
  • You can retake this test as many time as you like
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If s/t = 2, then the value of which of the following can be determined? I. 2t/s II. (s - t)/t III. (s - 1)/(t - 1)

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I. 2t/s = 2*1/2 = 1 --> YES II. (s - t)/t = s/t - 1 = 2 - 1 = 1 --> YES III. (s - 1)/(t - 1) = (2t - 1)/(t - 1) --> NO

The figure shown above represents a modern painting that consists of four differently colored rectangles, each of which has length ℓ and width w. If the area of the painting is 4,800 square inches, what is the width, in inches, of each of the four rectangles?

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As shown in Figure, l = 3w The area of each small rectangle = l*w = 4,800/4 = 12*100 => 3w*w = 12*100 => w = 20

Makoto, Nishi, and Ozuro were paid a total of $780 for waxing the floors at their school. Each was paid in proportion to the number of hours he or she worked. If Makoto worked 15 hours, Nishi worked 20 hours, and Ozuro worked 30 hours, how much was Makoto paid?

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Makoto : Nishi : Ozuro = 15 : 20 : 30 15 + 20 + 30 = 65 So, Makoto receives 15/65 of the total payment Simplify to see that Makoto receives 3/13 of the total payment 3/13 of $780 = (3/13)($780) = $180

The total cost for Company X to produce a batch of tools is $10,000 plus $3 per tool. Each tool sells for $8. The gross profit earned from producing and selling these tools is the total income from sales minus the total production cost. If a batch of 20,000 tools is produced and sold, then Company X’s gross profit per tool is

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The total production cost of 20,000 tools is $10,000 + $3*20,000 = $70,000; The total income from sales of 20,000 tools is $8*20,000 = $160,000; The gross profit earned is $160,000 - $70,000 = $90,000; The gross profit per tool is $90,000/20,000 = $4.50. Answer: C. Hope it's clear


In the figure above, x + y =

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We know that the top angle must be 40°. At the same time, let's call the other 2 angles a and b. We know that a + b + 40 = 180 (since the 3 angles in a triangle must add to 180°) Also, since angles on a line must add to 180°, we know that: a = 180-y and b = 180-x We can now take a + b + 40 = 180 and replace a and b with their equivalent values. We get: (180-y) + (180-x) + 40 = 180 Simplify: 400 - y - x = 180 Subtract 400 from both sides: -y - x = -220 Multiply both sides by -1 to get: x + y = 220 Answer: E

A ladder of a fire truck is elevated to an angle of 60° and extended to a length of 70 feet. If the base of the ladder is 7 feet above the ground, how many feet above the ground does the ladder reach?

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Members of a social club met to address 280 newsletters. If they addressed 1/4 of the newsletters during the first hour and 2/5 of the remaining newsletters during the second hour, how many newsletters did they address during the second hour?

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1/4 of the newsletters were addressed during the first hour, thus 3/4 of the newsletters were NOT addressed during the first hour, which means that 3/4*280 = 210 were NOT addressed during the first hour. Therefore, 2/5*210 = 84 newsletters were addressed during the second hour. Answer: D.

A rope 40 feet long is cut into two pieces. If one piece is 18 feet longer than the other, what is the length, in feet, of the shorter piece?

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APPROACH #1: Algebra Let x = the length of the shorter piece So, x + 18 = the length of the longer piece Since the lengths of the two pieces must add to 40 feet, we can write: x + (x + 18) = 40 Simplify: 2x + 18 = 40 Subtract 18 from both sides: : 2x = 22 Solve: x = 11 Answer: B ------------------------------------------ APPROACH #2: Test the answer choices Start with the middle answer choice C C) 18 If the shorter piece is 18 feet long, then the longer piece is 36 feet long Sum of lengths = 18 + 36 = 54 NO GOOD. We want a sum of 40 feet (as per the question) So, we can ELIMINATE C. Also, since we need the two pieces to be SHORTER, we can also ELIMINATE D and E Now try answer choice B B) 11 If the shorter piece is 11 feet long, then the longer piece is 29 feet long Sum of lengths = 11 + 29 = 40 PERFECT!!! Answer: B


If the population of a certain country increases at the rate of one person every 15 seconds, by how many persons does the population increase in 20 minutes?

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Since the population increases at the rate of 1 person every 15 seconds, it increases by 4 people every 60 seconds, that is, by 4 people every minute. Thus, in 20 minutes the population increases by 20 x 4 = 80 people. Answer. A.

If Jake loses 8 pounds, he will weigh twice as much as his sister. Together they now weigh 278 pounds. What is Jake's present weight, in pounds?

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This problem can be solved as a simple word problem in which we must convert words to math. Before we create our equations, we want to define some variables. J = Jake’s current weight, in pounds S = Sister’s current weight, in pounds We are told that “If Jake loses 8 pounds, he will weigh twice as much as his sister." We put this into an equation: J – 8 = 2S We can isolate J by adding 8 to 2S: J = 2S + 8 (Equation 1) Next, we are told that “Together they now weigh 278 pounds.” We can also put this into an equation. J + S = 278 (Equation 2) To solve this equation, we can substitute 2S + 8 from Equation 1 for the variable J in Equation 2: 2S + 8 + S = 278 3S = 270 S = 90 We now know that the sister weighs S = 90 pounds, and we can plug that value into either equation to determine J. Let’s plug 90 for S into equation 2: J + 90 = 278 J = 188 Answer: E

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