EC-Council Certified Security Specialist

1) Which of the following password cracking attacks is implemented by calculating all the possible hashes for a set of characters? :

(A)  SQL injection attack

(B)  Dictionary attack

(C)  Rainbow attack

(D)  Brute force attack


Option C

2) Which of the following laws was formed by the legislative branch of the United States government?

(A)  Statutory law

(B) Administrative law

(C)  Study law

(D)  Business law


Option A

3) Which of the following is an example of a low-interaction production honeypot that is developed and sold by the Swiss company Netsec?

(A)  ManTrap

(B)  KFSensor

(C)  Specter

(D)  Honeyd


Option C

4) Which of the following Trojans is used by attackers to modify the Web browser settings? 

(A)  WMA/TrojanDownloader.GetCodec

(B)  Trojan.Lodear

(C)  Win32/FlyStudio

(D)  Win32/Pacex.Gen


Option C

5) Cola Co. manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes non-alcoholic potables such as Lemcaa and Thunder Up under its brand name Cola and uses green and red logo. Mola Co., a new company, starts manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing non-alcoholic potables like Lumca and Cloud Up under its brand name Mola and uses green and red logo. Which of the following violations has been committed by Mola Co.?

(A)  Trademark infringement

(B)  Patent law

(C)  Plagiarism

(D)  Copyright infringement


Option A

6) What does CSIRT stand for? :

(A)  Computer Security Information Response Team

(B)  Chief Security Incident Response Team

(C)  Chief Security Information Response Team

(D)  Computer Security Incident Response Team


Option D

7) Adam works as a Security Analyst for Umbrella Inc. He is retrieving large amount of log data from various resources such as Apache log files, IIS logs, streaming servers, and some FTP servers. He is facing difficulty in analyzing the logs that he has retrieved. To solve this problem, Adam decides to use AWStats application. Which of the following statements are true about AWStats?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. It can analyze log files server tools such as Apache log files, WebStar, IIS and other Web, proxy, and some ftp servers.
B. It generates advanced Web, streaming, mail server statistics graphically.
C. It can work with all Web hosting providers, which allow Perl, CGI and log access.
D. It works only as a CGI and shows all possible information contained in log.

(A)  B,C,D


(C)  D

(D)  A,B,C


Option D

8) Which of the following is the most important resource associated with any digital forensic investigations process?

(A)  Human experience

(B)  Forensic tools

(C)  Human talent

(D)  Forensic software


Option C

9) Which of the following protocols is used the most by web servers?

(A)  ORG

(B)  COM

(C)  FTP



Option D

10) What is the size of Master Boot Record (MBR)?

(A)  2 KB

(B) 1 KB

(C)  512 bytes

(D)  256 bytes


Option C

11) Sam, a bank employee, develops a program and uploads it to the bank’s server. He deducts $1 a month from the account of every customer using the program. Probably no account holder will notice this type of illegal debit, but Sam will make a good amount of money every month. Which of the following types of cybercrime is Sam performing?

(A)  Web jacking

(B)  Web defacement

(C)  Salami attack

(D)  Data diddling


Option C

12) Which of the following is an example of a social engineering attack?

(A)  E-mail bombing

(B)  Man-in-the-middle attack

(C)  Phishing

(D)  Browser Sniffing


Option C

13) Which of the following functions does the RSA Digital Signature combine with public key algorithm to create a more secure signature?

(A)  $

(B)  *

(C)  #

(D)  %


Option C

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