Journal, Ledger, and Trial Balance MCQs with Anwers

Word journal is derived from the French word “Jour” which means day, That’s why it is called “Day Book”. Business transactions are recorded in a journal chronologically. Whereas, in business, all accounts have their separate page, which is called a ledger. Finally, Trial Balance is very useful in business. It shows the arithmetical accuracy of the Ledger and Debit and credit balance are recorded in the trial balance.


1)  Sales to Mohsin on account should be debited to:

(A)  Cash A/C

(B)  Sales A/C

(C)  Mohsin

(D)  Account Receivable


2) Amount of interest paid to Ali should be debited to:

(A)  Ali A/C

(B)  Interest A/C

(C)  Cash A/C

(D)  A/C Payable

3)  Amount invested by the proprietor in the business should be credit to:

(A)  Cash

(B)  Drawing

(C)  A/c payable

(D) Capital

4)  Goods returned to supplier should be debited to:

(A)  Sales return

(B)  Return outward

(C) Return inward

(D)  Supplier’s Account

5)  Customer goods returned should be credited to:

(A)  Customer’s A/C

(B)  Return inward

(C)  Return outward A/C

(D)  Purchases A/C

6)  Goods returned from Khubaib should be credited to:

(A)  Purchase Return

(B)  Return outward

(C)  Cash A/C

(D)  Khubaib A/C

7)  A journal entry that requires more than two accounts is called:

(A)  Double entry

(B)  Compound entry

(C)  Combined entry

(D)  Single entry

8)  Cash discount allowed to a debtor should be debited to:

(A)  Debtor’s A/C

(B)  Discount A/C

(C)  Creditor’s A/c

(D)  Cash A/C

9)  Cash discount received from the supplier should debited to:

(A)  Debtor’s A/c

(B)  Cash Discount

(C)  Cash A/C

(D)  Supplier A/C

10)  Title of account is given in the:

(A)  Journal

(B)  Title of Account

(C)  Ledger

(D)  Transaction


11)  Firstly transaction is written in the following:

(A)  Ledger

(B)  Account

(C)  Journal

(D)  Trial Balance

12)  A transaction is recorded on the same day it takes place so journal is also called.

(A)  An entry book

(B)  Ledger book

(C)  A day book

(D)  History book

13)  Loss of goods by fire should be credited to:

(A)  Loss by fire

(B)  Sales A/C

(C)  Capital

(D)  Purchases A/c

14)  Furniture purchased for personal use by a partner should be debited to:

(A)  Furniture A/C

(B)  Partner’s capital A/C

(C)  Private use A/C

(D)  Partner’s Drawings A/C

15)  Salaries paid to clerks should be debited:

(A)  Salary A/c

(B)  Clerk A/C

(C)  Cash A/C

(D)  General exp: A/C


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