Business Maths

PERCENTAGE MCQs with Answers

PERCENTAGE  MCQs with Answers (1)   What percent Rs.84 is of Rs.400?  (A) 22%  (B) 21% (C) 23 % (D) 40% [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer ” text=”Option B“]  [/efaccordion] (2)  What percent Rs.30 is of Rs.300?  (A) 30%  (B) 20% (C) 10% (D) 15% [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer ” text=”Option C“]  [/efaccordion] (3)  What percent Rs.45 …

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Business Mathematics Practice Test 1

Business Mathematics Mcqs with Answers 1

Business Mathematics Practice Test 1 1) 5 in binary system is equivalent to : (A)  10 (B)  101 (C)  100 (D)  110 [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer ” text=”Option C“]  [/efaccordion] 2) The transpose of the row matrix is: (A)  Diagonal matrix (B)  Column matrix (C)  Scalar matrix (D)  Row matrix [efaccordion …

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Ratio and Proportion – Business Mathematics MCQs

Ratio and Proportions

You will cover here Multiple Choice Questions related to Business Maths’ Ratios and Proportions topic. Take your time and prepare yourself to achieve success 1) The Ratio between 30 male and 10 female is: (A) 1:2 (B) 1:3 (C) 3:1 (D) 2:4 [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer” text=”Option C“] [/efaccordion] 2) The …

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