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Financial Accounting MCQs with Answers

Financial Accounting Mcqs with Answers You may find chapter-by-chapter Financial Accounting MCQs with Answers for exams like the B.Com, ADC, BBA, MBA, CMA, CA CS, and ICAI on this special website. You will also get MCQs for fundamentals of financial accounting, basics of accounting MBA MCQs, and principles of accounting …

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Company Accounts MCQs- Part 1

Company Accounts Mcqs

Company Accounts Multiple Choice Questions MCQs for competitive and Accountant Jobs G Ads: 1. The capital of a company is divided into units which are called: A) Debenture B) Share C) Stock (D) Bond [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer ” text=”Share“]  [/efaccordion] 2. A Forfeited Share can:     A) Not be re-issued at …

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CASH BOOK MCQs with Answers

CASH BOOK MCQs with Answers SHORT QUESTIONS  (1) WHAT IS CASH BOOK?                         In this book all cash receipts and payments are recorded in a business is called cash Account or Cash Book. (2) WHAT YOU MEAN BY PURCHASE BOOK?                         In a huge business, a separate book is maintained …

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NON TRADING CONCERNS MCQs with ANSWERS 1. The institutions, which deal in activities other than trade are called: (A) Trading concerns (B) Non-trading concerns (C) Manufacturing concerns (D) None of them [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer ” text=”Option B“]  [/efaccordion] 2. The record of cash kept by the non-trading concerns is shown …

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