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ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 6

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 6

All these MCQs are collected and gathered from CIMA E1 and E2 Books and different past papers and Books to help you to pass the ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management Exam. You can also take quiz related to SAP, SAP HANA, CA AFC students, Educators, NTS, FPSC, PPSC Exams, NTS and different Computer and IT related Tests. It also beneficial for Accountant and Finance manager Posts covering IT related test portion.

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 6

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The expectations that the individual and the organisation have of one another is referred to as:

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The overall expectations an individual and organisation have of each other form a 'psychological contract'.

Rodger's seven-point plan refers to:

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Rodger's theory relates to a person specification, so C is the correct answer.

Approval of documentation, procedures manuals and work instructions is associated with:

Correct! Wrong!

Quality certification requires approval of such materials.


An approach of producing goods or purchasing inventory only when required is known as:

Correct! Wrong!

Producing or purchasing items as they are needed is referred to as Just-in-Time (JIT).

In the context of information systems, a widget is:

Correct! Wrong!

A widget is an example of a web 2.0 application.

Intelligence, aptitudes and disposition are often factors identified in:

Correct! Wrong!

These qualities focus on the person. A job description (option A) explains what is required in a job. Options B and D are part of an appraisal system.


Charging a very low price on one item in order to generate customer loyalty and increased sales of other items is called:

Correct! Wrong!

Loss leaders are products that have a very low price set with the objective of attracting consumers to buy other products in the range with higher profit margins.

The TQMEX model is a framework that integrates processes associated with:

Correct! Wrong!

The TQMEX model shows the relationship between quality management and other aspects of operations management. The answer must therefore mention these two areas, so C is correct.

Activities aimed at attracting a number of suitable candidates interested in joining an organisation are called:

Correct! Wrong!

The process of attracting suitable candidates is referred to as 'recruitment'.


In the expectancy theory of motivation 'valence' refers to:

Correct! Wrong!

Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory states that valence is the strength of an individual's preference for a certain outcome.

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management ( Based on CIMA E1 Kit) – Quiz # 6
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