Aws Certified Cloud Practice Test

Test Your Knowledge in Aws Certified Cloud Practice Test

1) Which of the following is a benefit of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) over physical servers?

(A)  Paying only for what you use

(B)  Automated backup

(C)  The ability to choose hardware vendors

(D)  Root /administrator access


Option A 


One of the advantages of EC2 Instances is the per second billing concept. This is given in the AWS documentation also With per-second billing, you pay for only what you use. It takes cost of unused minutes and seconds in an hour off of the bill, so you can focus on improving your applications instead of maximizing usage to the hour. Especially, if you manage instances running for irregular periods of time, such as dev/testing, data processing analytics, batch processing and gaming applications, can benefit


2) Which of the below mentioned services can be used to host virtual servers in the AWS Cloud?

(A)  AWS EC2


(C)  AWS Regions

(D)  AWS Server


Option A 


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Is a web service that provides secure. resizable compute capacity In the cloud. it Is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers.


3) What is the ability provided by AWS to enable fast, easy, and secure transfers of files over long distances between your client and your Amazon S3 bucket.

(A)  HTTP Transfer

(B)  53 Acceleration

(C)  Transfer Acceleration

(D)  File Transfer


Option C


Amazon 53 Transfer Acceleration enables fast easy, and secure transfers of files over long distances between your client and an S3 bucket. Transfer Acceleration takes advantage of Amazon Cloud Fronts globally distributed edge locations. As the data arrives at an edge location, data is routed to Amazon S3 over an optimized network path.


4) Which AWS service automates infrastructure provisioning and administrative tasks for an analytical data warehouse?

(A)  Amazon Aurora

(B)  Amazon Dynamo DB

(C)  Amazon Elastic Cache

(D)  Amazon Red shift


Option D


The AWS documentation mentions the Amazon Red shift Is a fully managed, peta byte-scale data warehouse service In the doud. You can start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data and scale to a peta byte or more. This enables you to use your data to acquire new insights for your business and customers.


5) Where can a customer go to get more detail about Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) billing activity that took place 3 month ago?
Please select:

(A)  AWS Cloud Trail logs stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon 53)

(B)  Amazon EC2 dashboard

(C)  AWS Trusted Advisor dashboard

(D)  AWS Cost and Usage reports


Option D


The AWS documentation mentions the following on AWS Cost Reports Cost Explorer Is a free tool that you can use to view your costs. You can view data up to the last 13 months, forecast how much you are likely to spend for the next three months, and get recommendations for what Reserved Instances to purchase


6) A company is planning to use AWS to host critical resources. Most of their systems are business critical and need to have response times less than 15 minutes. Which of the following support plans should they consider?

(A)  Enterprise

(B)  Business

(C)  Basic

(D)  Developer


Option B


Amazon 53 is the default storage service that should be considered for companies. If provides durable storage for all static content.


7) A company wants to store data that is not frequently accessed. What is the best and cost efficient solution that should be considered?

(A)  Amazon 53

(B)  Amazon Glacier

(C)  Amazon EBS

(D)  Amazon Storage Gateway


Option B


Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities that can help meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements.


8) Which of the following is a factor when calculating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the AWS Cloud?

(A)  The number of users migrated to AWS

(B) The number of keys migrated to AWS

(C)  The number of passwords migrated to AWS

(D)  The number of servers migrated to AWS


Option D


Since EC2 Instances carry a charge when they are running, you need to factor in the number of servers that need to be migrated to AWS.


9) Which AWS service provides infrastructure security optimization recommendations?

(A)  Reserved Instances

(B)  AWS Trusted Advisor

(C)  AWS Price List Application Programming Interface (API) x

(D)  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Fleet


Option B


The AWS documentation mentions the following An online resource to help you reduce cost, increase performance. and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment. Trusted Advisor provides real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices


10) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot instances are appropriate for which of the following workloads?

(A)  Workloads that are only run in the morning and stopped at night

(B)  Workloads that are critical and need Amazon EC2 instances with termination protection

(C)  Workloads that need to run for long periods of time without interruption

(D)  Workloads where the availability of the Amazon EC2 instances can be flexible


Option D


The AWS documentation mentions the following Spot Instances are a cost-effective choice If you can be flexible about when your applications run and If your applications can be interrupted. For example. Spot Instances are well-suited for data analysis. batch jobs. background processing. and optional tasks


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