ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 1

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 1

All these MCQs are collected and gathered from CIMA E1 and E2 Books and different past papers and Books to help you to pass the ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management Exam. You can also take quiz related to SAP, SAP HANA, CA AFC students, Educators, NTS, FPSC, PPSC Exams and different Computer and IT related Tests. It also beneficial for Accountant and Finance manager Posts covering IT related test portion.

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 1

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Dial-back security protects an information system by:

Correct! Wrong!

Dial-back security requires users to identify themselves before the system dials them back on their authorised number before allowing access.

According to monetarist theory, the primary effect of increasing the money supply is to:

Correct! Wrong!

According to monetarist theory, increasing the money supply will increase prices.

The European Union (EU) is an example of:

Correct! Wrong!

The EU is an example of a common market, (it developed out of a customs union – the EEC). Transition economies are former Soviet Union states which are moving away from a communist system towards that of a free market.

Data redundancy arises as a result of:

Correct! Wrong!

Data redundancy occurs when data is duplicated.


Which two government policies support an emerging nation’s import-substitution strategy?

Correct! Wrong!

Import tariffs and import quotas support import–substitution. Currency devaluations and industry subsidies are used to develop an emerging nation’s industry as part of a strategy of export-led industrialization.

An expert system describes:

Correct! Wrong!

An expert system could be described as a database built on knowledge and experience.

What is the main financial objective of public sector organisations?

Correct! Wrong!

Public sector organisations aim to use their resources efficiently.

Many large organisations have established a computer intranet for the purpose of:

Correct! Wrong!

An intranet provides a storage and distribution point for information accessible to staff.


Which approach to system changeover has the highest risk?

Correct! Wrong!

As the direct approach involves the old system ceasing operation completely at a given time, this approach is the most risky.

'Corrective' refers to a type of systems maintenance performed to:

Correct! Wrong!

Corrective maintenance is carried out to correct residual faults. Options B and C are enhancements (perfective maintenance). D takes account of anticipated changes in the processing environment (adaptive).

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management ( Based on CIMA E1 Kit) - Quiz # 1
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