AIS by JAMES HALL Chapter 5 MCQs with Answers

Accounting Information System by James HALL MCQs with Answers

Chapter No. 5 : The Expenditure Cycle: Part 1 : Purchase and Cash Disbursement MCQs with Answers

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Which statement is NOT correct for an expenditure system with proper internal controls?

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Which document helps to ensure that the receiving clerks actually count the number of goods received?

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Which of the following tasks should the cash disbursement clerk NOT perform?

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Which task must still require human intervention in an automated purchases/cash disbursements system?

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Which document typically triggers the process of recording a liability?

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When the goods are received and the receiving report has been prepared, which ledger may be updated?

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Which of the following is true?

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Which one of the following departments does not have a copy of the purchase order?

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Which documents would an auditor most likely choose to examine closely to ascertain that all expenditures incurred during the accounting period have been recorded as a liability?

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Which duties should be segregated?

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Choose formt the Followings :

Accounting Information System by James HALL 

Part 1 : Overview of Accounting Information Systems

Chapter # 1   : The Information System: An Accountant’s Perspective 

Chapter # 2   : Introduction to Transaction Processing 

Chapter # 3   : Ethics, Fraud, and Internal Control  

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Part II : Transaction Cycles and Business Processes

Chapter # 4   : The Revenue Cycle 

Chapter # 5   : The Expenditure Cycle Part I: Purchases and Cash Disbursements Procedures 

Chapter # 6   : The Expenditure Cycle Part II: Payroll Processing and Fixed Asset Procedures 

Chapter # 7   : The Conversion Cycle

Chapter # 8   : Financial Reporting and Management Reporting Systems 

Part III : Advanced Technologies in Accounting Information

Chapter # 9   : Database Management Systems 

Chapter # 10 : The REA Approach to Database Modeling  

Chapter # 11 : Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 

Chapter # 12 : Electronic Commerce Systems 

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Part IV : Systems Development Activities

Chapter # 13 : Managing the Systems Development Life Cycle

Chapter # 14 : Construct, Deliver, and Maintain Systems Project

Part V : Computer Controls and Auditing

Chapter # 15 : IT Controls Part I: Sarbanes-Oxley and IT Governance  

Chapter # 16 : IT Controls Part II: Security and Access 

Chapter # 17 : IT Controls Part III: Systems Development, Program Changes, and Application Controls 

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