Journal, Ledger, and Trial Balance MCQs with Anwers


Word journal is derived from the French word “Jour” which means day, That’s why it is called “Day Book”. Business transactions are recorded in a journal chronologically. Whereas, in business, all accounts have their separate page, which is called a ledger. Finally, Trial Balance is very useful in business. It …

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Accounting Equation MCQs with Answers


Accounting Equation : It is very important and beneficial tool for management. we can define it in these words “The expression of the equality of an entity’s Assets with the claim against them is referred to as the Accounting Equation. The financial position of a business can be checked in …

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Ratio and Proportion – Business Mathematics MCQs

Ratio and Proportions

You will cover here Multiple Choice Questions related to Business Maths’ Ratios and Proportions topic. Take your time and prepare yourself to achieve success 1) The Ratio between 30 male and 10 female is: (A) 1:2 (B) 1:3 (C) 3:1 (D) 2:4 [efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Answer” text=”Option C“] [/efaccordion] 2) The …

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Introduction to Accounting MCQs with Answers

Introduction to Accounting MCQs with Answers – Test Your Mcqs Skills 1)  A  written evidence in supporting business dealing is called: (A)  Business document (B)  Business letter (C)  Voucher (D)  Financial statement Answer: Option C 2)  Creditors are also known as: (A)  Notes payable (B)  Accounts Receivable (C)  Notes payable (D)  …

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